General Information

We offer a wide variety of milking equipment that includes milking machines, portable milkers, bucket milkers, sheep and goat milking equipment, milk pasteurizers, butter churns, cream separators. and much more!

Like our dairy farm equipment, the rest of our product is reasonably priced and includes cattle scratchers and oilers, fly control for your cow and horse barn, cattle guards, cattle feed storage bins, grain storage silos and hopper bottom bins. Our goal is to provide you with essential pieces of farm supply equipment that are not available at the local feed store.

Product Group

MBZ deals in the following Product Groups

  1. Milking Machines
  2. Livestock Feeders and Waterers
  3. Hooper Bottom Feed Bins
  4. Cattle Guards and More


Whether you are an existing customer or a prospective client, just ask for a quick quote, and we will revert back to you in 24 hours to support your business.